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Holotropic Breathwork can be dangerous. If you think you have a problem now, please call 911 or go to an Emergency room. Otherwise, Welcome to the serene path of personal growth and stress relief. YogaBreathMaster beckons you to rediscover the powerful art of breath as nature intended — pure, freeing, and life-affirming. In the tranquility of your being, reconnect with the 'good enough' soul that you are, nurtured by gratitude and unconditional love, guided by the seasoned wisdom of Dr. Robert Werner Guenther Goettel Ph.D., LVN.

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Breath by Breath, Transform Your Life

Holotropic Breathwork — an avenue to profound self-exploration and healing. It is crafted for those who seek solace from stress, aspire for personal elevation, and cherish communal wellness. Your quest for peace and enlightenment is honored here.

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Gravitate towards harmony. The health and wellness community near you has been waiting. Discover local sessions and experience a transcendent awakening that breathwork coaching promises.

Learn with Holotropic Breathwork YouTube Sessions

Immerse yourself in our guided online experiences via YouTube. In every video, a small spark of the higher power that enables understanding through words emerges, nurturing gratitude — the core of our existence.

Unearth Your Potential with YogaBreathMaster LLC

With a plethora of resources at your fingertips, including YogaBreathMaster's official site, you are always with others on this voyage. Below the dazzle of www.SlabCity.art, surrounded by the creative burst of Slab City Art Museums, we stand together, breathing as one.

Experience Revolutionary Growth with #RadicalForegiveness

In every breath, there's a rhythm, a dance, a beat. Embark on your BeatBoxDance lessons and feel the vigor infuse into your being. With BreathWork, every inhale and exhale carves the path to healing and joy.


Join our family of Free Radicals — those who live with the wisdom that Unconditional is undebatable. Reside in the heart of unconditional love where God is Love and Moms Rule. We champion the essence of #organicmanuregirl, as we promote sustainable living and organic joys through the quirky lens of manuregirl.com.

Find Your Solace at Motel 99

Reside in tranquility or organize your next Deposition Depot at Motel99, where every stay is an episode of peace and motivation. For souls yearning for introspection, find reflections at www.ptsd.pics because every picture speaks of courage and resilience.

Connect Today and Revive Tomorrow

The gates to YogaBreathMaster are wide open. Reclaim your breath, your inner peace, and the love that encompasses all. Visit www.drrobertwernerguenther.com to begin your transcendental metamorphosis today.

Breathe with purpose, live with gratitude, and join YogaBreathMaster on a quest for holistic well-being. Because here at LyonsValley.org, we believe — everyone is a master when they listen to the whisper of their breath.


Remember to always exercise gratitude towards life and the people around you. #Gratitude, #RadicalForegiveness, and harmonized breaths shape the world. Join us in Ocean Beach, Slab City, or wherever you find your peace.

YogaBreathMaster LLC – Where every breath is a step towards unconditional love and healing.

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